“Taste and Tweet” offers real-time Word of Mouth

Let the tweeting begin! These were the words at the swanky El Gaucho restaurant (Bellevue, WA) in late June as TasteandTweet.com introduced the newest way to use social networking for a business.  TasteandTweet.com is a way for a small group to meet, sample the food, enjoy the experience and share the experience real-time with their wide audiences who "know" and "follow" them.

The participating Tasters shared their tasting comments faster than ever before.

TasteandTweet.com organizes a group of socially networked people that enjoy connecting and meeting with others over food and drink.  These teams of TasteTweeters then taste, savor, and tweet.  Their followers in their offices, at home, and on the road can share their tasting experience via these tweets and they, in turn, can respond with questions or they can forward (re-Tweet) the tasting comments to their own circle of followers.  Thus in mere minutes these comments can travel from trusted party to trusted party through these ever expanding rings of acquaintances (followers).

At TasteandTweet.com, we view social media as a new form of business communications.  It can be very effective in helping restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and other food service businesses grow their business. Events at restaurants like El Gaucho have proven that social media offers restaurants “faster, cheaper, deeper” marketing channels than traditional media. And the followers of these on-site tasters enjoy the benefit of first-hand experiences reported by their trusted social media sources.

You can see examples of taster reports and photos from recent Taste and Tweet events here.

TasteandTweet.com is a way for a small group to experience and share real-time information with wide audiences who trust their social media sources.