8 Simple and Healthy Breakfast for Busy People Who Don’t Have Much Time in The Morning

8 Simple and Healthy Breakfast for Busy People Who Don’t Have Much Time in The Morning

8 simple and healthy breakfast for busy people who don’t have much time in the morning – Ensuring you’ve got a great, healthy breakfast every day is important to begin your entire day correctly. The very first meal during the day sets you track of a much better mindset and enough energy to hold you until lunchtime. Using the busyness of contemporary existence, breakfast can often be overlooked altogether, or we tend to go to unhealthy convenient choices, so we’ve something to stay going and also to keep your hunger away.

For individuals, people who’ve busy mornings and the short time to invest in creating a wholesome breakfast, listed here are 10 fast and healthy breakfast recipes which are fast and easy to make although providing you with the optimum health boost you ought to get you through your entire day.

1. Banana Bread

Get this to delicious and healthy blueberry bread at the beginning of a few days, and it’ll last for many mornings after that. Just snap it up and go, adding toppings, for example, peanut butter, almond butter or simply by itself. Filled with fresh blueberry, you’ll have a lift of one’s while you mind on your way.

2. Apple sandwich

Breakfast for Busy People
So simple yet scrumptious, this fast and simple breakfast snack is a hit with everybody including kids. Make as much as you fancy before heading out of the door because they take virtually no time for you to construct.

3. Almond Butter, Yogurt and Fruit Parfait

Breakfast for Busy People
If you would like something a little lighter which will also satiate, this recipe will have the desired effect. With low-fat greek yoghurt and almond butter, this is filled with protein which will keep hunger away until lunchtime and could be produced in under ten minutes.

4. Freezer Breakfast Sandwich

They are great and convenient since you can make sure they are in advance and defrost when you need them. It is simple to adapt this recipe with the addition of anything you like, including avocado, tomato, green spinach or use brown bread toast bread if you prefer a healthier option.

5. Natural Yogurt Oats

Oatmeal is filled with fibre and therefore are efficient at filling us up but we don’t always have time to create porridge on your own. This little recipe is excellent since it all can be achieved the night time before and uses calcium-wealthy yoghurt and fruit. Allow the yoghurt soak into the oatmeal and also have the perfect healthy breakfast awaiting you when you are getting up.

6. Avocado Toast with Egg

Breakfast for Busy People

This really is my personal favourite recipe since it combines avocado and egg that are both a great resource of healthy nutrients and it is always scrumptious without fail. So fast and simple to create, it’ll get you a few minutes to organise and provides you with the power you ought to get you thru the morning.

7. Smoothie Bowl

Breakfast for Busy People
If a fruit is much more your factor each morning, then do this quick smoothie recipe. It requires under a few minutes to organise, and you may use any mixture of fruit you want causing this to be an excellent healthy breakfast option. Greek yoghurt will make sure you are feeling nicely full and you were going until the next meal.

8. Breakfast Bars

Breakfast for Busy People

If you want the benefit of breakfast bars but have the shop-bought ones are extremely unhealthy then why don’t you help make your own? This recipe is filled with goodness and you may make sure they are in advance, so all that you should do is grab one and set it inside your bag for that journey to operate.

How I Make Super Delicious Green Smoothie At My Own Kitchen

How I Make Super Delicious Green Smoothie At My Own Kitchen

As we all know that having green vegetables is good for your body. It is recommended to supply your body with the vegetables that rich of nutrients and vitamins. But do all people including you like to consume a vegetables everyday? Or if you do would you consume varies of vegetables every single day?

Smoothie comes as solution for you who like to get the benefits from the vegetables in simply way. You don’t need to think to much how to rotate your lunch menu with all those vegetables, instead just put some of them into a blender jar and start blend your own green smoothie.

Green smoothie basically can contains only vegetables or you can put some of fruits like apple, pineapple or kiwi, this will help you to reduce the bitter taste from green vegetables.

Green Smoothie

All green vegetables are rich in chlorophyll, which has been proven can increase the immune system and also promotes the hormonal balance in our body.

In conclusion, green smoothies are easy to make, easy to clean up, are super healthy and taste delicious. They help you consume more fruits and veggies without knowing it and are incredibly beneficial for your health. Healthy diet provides mind clarity too. You may find yourself more calm, less anxious and energized during the day. Whenever you happen to try out your first green smoothie, you will be surprised how the fruit flavours mask those of vegetables and greens, making the drink tasty without you having to add any additional flavouring.

Tips to make green smoothie

When making your green smoothie, it is recommended that you use an organic veggies to avoid chemicals thing from the pesticide. Rather than adding cube ices into your blender during making smoothie it is better to have frozen fruits or frozen vegetables, this will help you to get the more concentrate of the ingredients.

If you choose to add fresh fruit, banana is one of the good choices as it gives the smoothie a creamy texture and provides good amount of potassium which is good for the blood and its regular consumption lowers the risk of stroke. Aside from making the smoothie taste super good, kiwis are also a great addition for making the smoothie vitamin-rich. They have high content of vitamin C and relatively generous on vitamin A.

It must be delicious but also do not lose the nutrients

One of the other factor that almost be forgotten is to be able to get delicious and health green smoothie is by blend you ingredients using a high end blender. Some of us may start thinking why should we need that? Here is explanation: since we use a green vegetables as ingredients it means we need to understand the nature of green vegetables when we process it to a food. The green color on vegetables come from the chlorophyll which already contains active nutrients that ready to be absorbed with our body even it eaten raw.

If you are not using a good blender you have a chance need more time to blend the high fiber vegetables, the more time you spend to blend the vegetables, the more heat from the motor created and break the chlorophyll and you lost the nutrients.

That is why having a good blender is recommended, there are some of good blender out there which are able to give you the best blending experience. I would like to name Vitamix and Ninja Kitchen as the best blender so far I ever tried, but you can find your own preference between two of them. I found a good reference from BlenderVersus.com that discuss the comparison between Vitamix vs Ninja blender.


Making a delicious and healthy green smoothies are very easy, you just need to find the organic vegetables and some of fruits and blend them with a good blender. This will allow you to keep get all the nutrients and vitamins benefit without need to think much how to include green vegetables in all your daily meal.

A Simple Homemade Chia Seed Pudding That Can Help Boost Your Energy

A Simple Homemade Chia Seed Pudding That Can Help Boost Your Energy

chia seed pudding to boost your energy
Whenever you had a hectic day that drained your energy it’s time to boost your energy back. One of the healthiest and most favorite food which can help you gain your energy back is a chia seed pudding that you can make it easily at your home or apartment.

About Chia Seed

Chia seed is the seed of a plant that grow in the desert named Salvia Hispanica people has been used this plant seed to increase their energy level. This is because chia seed knows contains Omega-3, carbohydrates, Protein, Fiber, Anti Oxidant and Calcium and are often called Super Seed.
Some of benefits of chia seed is to support health, namely: reducing/balance weight, lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, thyroid, hipo-glycaemia, diabetes.

There are 2 types of chia seed which are: black chia seed and white chia seed. In terms of nutrients inside them they are both same. Both come from the same plant family but grown in different places. One of the main factors that differentiate the two only its color although the white one more crispy/savory taste. Some people usually choose based on their preference.

chia seeds white and black

Chia seed pudding

Before we talking about the recipe, there are some of the ingredients that we can use in order to make the chia seed become a pudding:


To be able to turn the dry chia seed to become a soft pudding we need liquids, with composition roughly 2:3. The most commonly used liquid to make a chia seed pudding is a raw almond milk, that you can make it by yourself just by using a blender at home. The other liquids that can be used as alternative are: soy milk, cow’s milk, coconut water or coconut milk.

Sweeteners or Flavorings

I myself do not like to add extra sweeteners, if you use bottled milk some already contains sweeteners. But for you who like to use fresh cow’s milk or soy milk or almond milk that with no taste, you can add 1-2 teaspoon cacao powder or matcha powder to give it aroma and taste a bit of the chia pudding.


Well here is the most interesting part when you make chia pudding. You can use either fruits like strawberry, blueberry or some slices of kiwi or you can use corn flakes, or chocolate chips.

How to make simple almond milk chia pudding

Delicious Almond Milk Chia Seed Pudding

1/3 cup white chia seeds
1 1/2 cups almond milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp maple syrup or honey

– Combine all the ingredients in a jar.
– Cover the jar with a lid and shake the jar
– Chill them about an hour, then return to the jar and shake it up.
– Put the jar into refrigerator for at least 4 hours and overnight is even better
– Chia seeds will expand and turn into pudding.
– Serve while it is cold with sliced fruit or toasted nuts on top.